Louisiana Lawyers Go West

Turquoise Hill with its ancient turquoise mine is an enchanting place —spiritual, timeless, mysterious, and breathtaking in its beauty.  George and I visited many times over the years, beginning in the early 1990s.  We were guests of history, nature, and the mine’s incomparable owner and steward, George’s dear friend and now my husband, Douglas Magnus.

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Pictured:  Douglas Magnus and George Rodrigue in the Tiffany Turquoise Mine, New Mexico, 2010. 

Located in the heart of the Cerrillos District near Santa Fe, New Mexico, Turquoise Hill is an unlikely locale for a Louisiana gathering.  And yet, old friendships and life’s circumstances are oftentimes a recipe for the unexpected and, in this case, a once-in-a-lifetime elegant dinner party within a turquoise mine!
Pictured:  The Louisiana Association of Defense Counsel (LADC) visits Turquoise Hill and the Tiffany Turquoise Mine near Santa Fe, New Mexico, May 2019

LADC President Mickey S. deLaup teamed with Kimberly Zibilich of Event Resources New Orleans and Terri Graves of DMC New Mexico to transport the Bayou State to the Land of Enchantment.  Douglas and I were thrilled to participate as surprise co-hosts for this esteemed gathering of Louisiana attorneys and their guests!

Pictured:  With Kimberly Zibilich and Douglas Magnus at Turquoise Hill, May 2019.  Douglas is also a renowned artist and silversmith, as evidenced by my bling! Learn and see more- www.douglasmagnus.com 

Before entering the mine, I shared with these Louisiana folks about their hometown son’s love for this sacred place –a connection so deep that he spoke of it even in the last weeks of his life.  On George’s computer, I found a still deeper reference, undiscovered until a year after his death, in this artwork titled Cowboy Blue Dog (Our Cowboy).

Here is our springtime 2019 adventure in an ancient turquoise mine located in the Cerrillos District of New Mexico with the Louisiana Association of Defense Counsel.  Enjoy!

And finally, Douglas calls the photo below “The Sermon on the Mount” —snuck from behind while I was preaching Rodrigue!   I am extremely grateful to share George’s life and art at any time, especially with the formation of the new Life & Legacy Foundation, but it was particularly special in this most bewitching of places, with a captive Louisiana audience —made all the better with blue margaritas!

Many of these generous attorneys and new friends pledged on the spot their support for this programming.  Thank you, Louisiana Association of Defense Counsel!

Founded in 2019, based on arts education and museum exhibitions of the past two years, the George Rodrigue Life & Legacy Foundation inspires audiences of all ages and diverse backgrounds with the life and art of George Rodrigue.  The Foundation seeks to expand George’s vision by showing how one person can overcome obstacles to achieve their dreams, while also making a positive difference in the world through the transformative potential of art.  Projects include museum exhibitions, education initiatives, an ongoing public lecture series, and written and online publications. 

As of May 2019, I have visited, personally, 72 schools in four states on the George Rodrigue Life & Legacy Tour and shared with more than 35,000 students and teachers.  Furthermore, after three record-breaking museum exhibitions last year, the upcoming museum schedule, combined with education and community outreach, is an exciting and organic adventure!  Please join me!  Visit – https://georgerodrigue.com/life-legacy/today/


-most photos provided by Event Resources; Sermon on the Mount by Douglas Magnus; Pontchartrain Elementary School above and Loranger Elementary School below by Douglas Magnus (May 2019).  Also see the recent post “Ursuline-Cool! George Rodrigue Life & Legacy Visits the Historic New Orleans School” linked here- https://legacyarttour.org/2019/05/02/ursuline-cool-george-rodrigue-life-legacy-visits-the-historic-new-orleans-school/

-and one more, because this melted my heart:

This extraordinary child and his blind yet searching eyes wanted to know what his peers were excited about. He wanted to experience George Rodrigue’s art. He touched this painting, coated by George with automotive sealer for this very reason, seeing with his hands, and experienced the swirls and hearts and brushstrokes of George Rodrigue. 

It was, perhaps, a gift from George to him and others; and it was, no question, the gift-of-a-lifetime for me. Thank you to the brave and precious. 

Photo by Douglas Magnus at Loranger Elementary School in Loranger, Louisiana, May 17, 2019.

Enjoy life, people!  Love!