I First Loved Picasso (Again)

On March 1st, 2011, George Rodrigue and I celebrate fourteen years of marriage. He kindly insists that our gift to each other exist as a re-blog of my choice. This provides me with a week away from blogging, more time for Mardi Gras and my current obsession with Cleopatra (a new book by Stacy Schiff),Continue reading “I First Loved Picasso (Again)”

Flowers Bring Me Luck (A French Quarter Garden Brings Blessings to All)

Nearly one year ago George Rodrigue moved his New Orleans gallery from its rented location of twenty years at the corner of Royal Street and Orleans Street to a permanent location at the corner of Royal Street and Pere Antoine Alley, adjacent to St. Louis Cathedral. Although outward appearances suggest a simple move across theContinue reading “Flowers Bring Me Luck (A French Quarter Garden Brings Blessings to All)”

Motorcycles (The Blue Dog Hog)

Although not a rider himself, George Rodrigue relates to the seduction of the open road and the notion of freedom and Americana attached to motorcycles. Twice each year we cross the country in our truck, no books or computers allowed, so that we experience the West without distractions. We keep the music to a minimum,Continue reading “Motorcycles (The Blue Dog Hog)”

Saving an Oak Tree (for Romain)

“Actually, I thought about a specific old friend before a specific old tree,” said George Rodrigue when he found out about the 250-year old Youngsville Heritage Oak, destined for destruction next month to make room for a temporary road. George’s connection to the small Louisiana town called Youngsville, near Lafayette, was his best friend RomainContinue reading “Saving an Oak Tree (for Romain)”

Meet Tiffany, the Original Blue Dog

It was an accident that a terrier/spaniel mix named Tiffany found herself involved with an artist’s legacy years after her death. The Blue Dog, in truth, has little connection to the Rodrigue family pet. Instead, its roots lie in a Cajun story, the loup-garou, a scary legend about a werewolf-type dog that lurks in cemeteriesContinue reading “Meet Tiffany, the Original Blue Dog”