Crossing West Texas (and the Moo-Cow Blues)

“You just can’t live in Texas unless you’ve got a lot of soul.” – Waylon Jennings I believe the hype: Texas is bigger and better than anyplace else. As we drive I-10 and listen to ‘Willie’s Place’ on Sirius Radio, I enjoy the long stretches of flat land and occasional hills, the seemingly abandoned towns,Continue reading “Crossing West Texas (and the Moo-Cow Blues)”

Remembering Lafayette’s Advocates for the Arts, Circa 1969

This post is dedicated to Mrs. Frances Love (1926-2010), a friend of the arts. When George Rodrigue speaks of supporters during the early years of his career, three names always come up: Rita Davis, A. Hayes Town, and Frances Love. Between them they spent just a few hundred dollars on his canvases, however their influenceContinue reading “Remembering Lafayette’s Advocates for the Arts, Circa 1969”

Eagle Scout

It was probably our first date when I asked George Rodrigue, “How would you describe yourself? What are your best qualities?” Without hesitating, he rattled off a list: “I am trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent.” “Goodness,” I said, secretly hoping I could measure up. It wasn’t untilContinue reading “Eagle Scout”

Blue Dog: The Dark Period, 2006-7 (Paintings Following Katrina)

Following the chaos of Hurricane Katrina in 2005, George Rodrigue shifted his attention from Bodies, a collection of paintings and remastered digital prints focused on the female nude, to Blue Dog Relief. The New Orleans gallery reopened in January of 2006; however, the positive nature of George’s paintings seemed out of place. Our staff workedContinue reading “Blue Dog: The Dark Period, 2006-7 (Paintings Following Katrina)”

Childhood Summers (Remembering Old Biloxi)

Most towns have a nearby escape, the place everyone travels on a beautiful weekend. From south Louisiana, Biloxi is our destination. Along with his parents, cousins, aunts, and uncles, George Rodrigue visited Biloxi, Mississippi often as a child, usually for a week at the Alamo Plaza Courts, located on the beach. Plagued by Gulf stormsContinue reading “Childhood Summers (Remembering Old Biloxi)”

Paintings for the Flora Levy Lecture Series at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette

Beginning in 1980 George Rodrigue painted ten portraits, one each year, honoring guest lecturers at what was then called the University of Southwest Louisiana (now the University of Louisiana at Lafayette). The speaker series was conceived by Professor Maurice DuQuesnay and funded by Flora Levy, a Lafayette heiress and philanthropist who left her fortune toContinue reading “Paintings for the Flora Levy Lecture Series at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette”