Clinton, Bush, and Obama: Portraits (or not)

In 1994 some connected friends with the Democratic Party invited George Rodrigue to meet President Bill Clinton. George invited me along and, truth be told, I was more excited about meeting Hillary. My mom worked at a printing company at the time, and she and her friend Bronwen Ross created personalized note cards for theContinue reading “Clinton, Bush, and Obama: Portraits (or not)”

Mignon’s Flowers

We are six weeks into 2010 and already it’s touted, certainly around New Orleans, as the year in which dreams come true. We’ve been celebrating since New Year’s Eve, and today, Lundi Gras, is no exception as the Kings of Rex and Zulu land at the riverfront amidst fireworks, live music, and record-breaking crowds. GeorgeContinue reading “Mignon’s Flowers”

Blue Dog: The Silkscreens

George Rodrigue’s newest silkscreen* print, We Blues Dem Away (Ain’t Dat Super) is a typical example of his print process. In recent years he uses the computer to design his silkscreens so that the print itself, as opposed to a painting, is the original work of art. (pictured, 2010, 33×26 inches, partially a benefit forContinue reading “Blue Dog: The Silkscreens”

A Happiness Epidemic (Saints Fever)

There are a million articles and comments out there that cover this occasion so well that I’m moved to tears with every read-through, and I’ve struggled to find my own voice for a post. I cannot share even these few words from Saints team owner Tom Benson without crying: “New Orleans is back. And nowContinue reading “A Happiness Epidemic (Saints Fever)”

Rosalea Murphy, the Pink Adobe, and Paintings of Evergreen Lake

“She hates women.” That’s the first thing George Rodrigue told me about Rosalea Murphy. He met her thirty years ago in Santa Fe, New Mexico at a gallery show of his Cajun paintings. They became close friends, and through her he met a slew of artists, actors, and musicians, a number of which he remainsContinue reading “Rosalea Murphy, the Pink Adobe, and Paintings of Evergreen Lake”