Thank you so much for inviting us to your fabulous opening reception last night.  The party was wonderful, and the show is simply a world class WOW!  

I have been telling all of our friends today about it, and emphasizing that it is absolutely a must see!

As someone who curated many art gallery exhibitions in NYC, I know the time, effort and dedication that it takes to make something at this level happen, and boy, did you make it happen!!

Janet L. – September 2023

Thank you for including us in the exhibition last evening at MONA. It was very enjoyable and the show was great.

We especially loved Wendy’s presentation.  It touched me deeply and we were so appreciative to have been there to experience that with her leading us. It brought an amazing perspective to the artwork, and the artist. 

Kathy K. – September 2023

There is a very cool, approachable, and enjoyable exhibit of George Rodrigue’s work at MONA, the Museum of New Art, in Portsmouth, NH. Wendy Rodrigue spoke of her late husband’s iconic work at my school last week and spoke about the creation of art, community, and resilience. The opening of the exhibit was tonight and I was proud to attend. Fun and moving = art.

Brian B. – September 2023

I wanted to extend a BIG thank you to the Life & Legacy Foundation. Wendy’s presentations brought art to life for our schools. Both the students and the staff were thrilled.

Stephen A. – September 2023

Life & Legacy Foundation and Art Tour is truly an enlightening experience, especially as summer break comes to an end, and we embark on another school year. Thank you Wendy for sharing the inspirational life of George Rodrigue with us.

Regina R. – July 2023

Stacey Rozen’s gorgeous gift of the Blue Dog calendar was the inspiration for our study of George Rodrigue’s life and work. As I put a slideshow together for my artists I came across Wendy Rodrigue’s wonderful writing and was able to include so many delightful details (that children relish and remember) as I talked them through the pictures. They loved learning about George and experimenting with acrylic paints to create their own dogs in his style.

Gill H., Founder of Imaginate – July 2023

Thank you Wendy for taking the time to educate our kids!!! My girls LOVED hearing the stories you told! Being from New Iberia, George’s art has always been my favorite. I loved getting to walk through the exhibit at the WBR museum! Thanks again!

Leslie N. – June 2023

It was such a privilege and honor last night to attend a preview of The River is the Road exhibit featuring the art of George Rodrigue. Wendy Rodrigue Magnus gave an emotional and heartfelt introduction to the exhibit that really brought to life George’s amazing legacy.

Jim Dotson, WLAE-TV – June 2023

I just finished reading “The Other Side of the Painting”. What a gift.

Cynthia G. – April 2023

Thank you for a magnificent journey with George’s work and the message behind it. The gift continues giving.

Jan S. – April 2023

Wonderful “Student Spotlight” mention by the Life & Legacy Foundation & Art Tour with Wendy Rodrigue Magnus. Beautiful work created by Rhiannon C. (11th).

So many of our students are inspired by the Life & Legacy Foundation and Art Tour. Looking forward to another visit soon. Thank you Wendy!

Peter B. – March 2023

Hi Wendy. I was a second grade teacher at Kenner Discovery when you came to give your presentation about George’s life, and the history of the blue dog. I can’t tell you enough how much your presentation touched my heart.

Shanna B. – March 2023

You will never understand how grateful I am for today- for the message, for the bravery it takes to be so candid, for you sharing your love story! It was brilliant and beautiful and watching someone living life right where they are supposed to be is fun to witness. Keep changing the world! 

Your childlike love for what you do is extraordinary! I will be living off your joy for years to come!

Lauren W. – February 2023

Amazing presentation by Wendy Rodrigue Magnus about her late husband, artist George Rodrigue & his Blue Dog. If you ever get a chance to hear her speak, I highly recommend it!

Stacey M. – February 2023

Todays visit with Wendy was an absolute gift!!!!!! As usual Wendy’s gift of storytelling was amazing and George’s masterpieces were simply stunning! Thank you for helping to make this day so special for over 200 kindergarteners in Midland Texas!

Michelle W. – February 2023

Your presentation is lovely. You touch everyone’s heart with your love for George, Douglas and art❤️❤️❤️

Gina I. – February 2023

Wendy, the children, staff and parents really enjoyed your visit! You and Doug are an inspiration and the children LOVED George Rodrigue’s Blue Dog displays and your book-reading. We hope to see you again very soon.

Youth Village – February 2023

We loved every minute!

LaDonna C. – February 2023

Wendy thank you so much for sharing your story and journey with us. It really added another depth of my love for George’s work. Your passion comes through and Decatur was so lucky for you to come here and share that with us.

Thank you again

Rick T. – February 2023

You have captured and sparked the imagination of countless generations of children, traveling and telling the story of George’s artistic creations, this uniquely Louisiana phenomenon that you helped to inspire through George’s work. it is no easy thing traveling, setting up and getting out there on the front lines with all the schools that you’ve visited promoting not just George’s creations but the Louisiana culture he loved and portrayed in his art. By inspiring these young children to think independently as they create their own masterpieces, Some of which have already gone on to college to Major in art, graphic design and who knows what else, because you lit the flame and seeded their brains with imagination. We here in Tangipahoa Parrish were fortunate enough to have you do one such presentation in Loranger when I asked you. I remember I was quite surprised that you said yes, as busy as things were. I applaud, your tenacity, selfless dedication, and commitment to your unwavering contributions that. You have done day in and day out with very little attention to yourself. Your excitement and enthusiasm is the real legacy, and that is where it begins, in each child’s mind. thank you for all the many ways that you’ve given back my treasured friend. ❤️

David Scott Lake – January 2023

You are a brilliant storyteller buoyed by love of the artists that surround you. Both in life and the hereafter.

Fly, Wendy Magnus, and inspire others by who you are!

Suzanne C. – January 2023

So wonderful to see all these young people soak up the magic of George’s art through your lively story sharing!

Jennifer F. – November 2022

Thank you so much for including MS Children’s Museum-Meridian on your tour of Mississippi!  Your presentation on the life and art of George Rodrigue was fascinating to both the children and adults that attended.  The art was absolutely amazing and your storytelling kept us all intrigued. 

Claire H. – November 2022

Wendy Rodrigue Magnus it was the culmination of one of my dreams! To connect students to George’s works over the years through creative projects and then to the real thing… his actual art and real first hand stories of how he created them and the whys. There were students among the group whose lifelong trajectory has been positively affected by the experience.💙💙💙

Jennifer F. – August 2022

What a wonderful way to keep George’s spirit alive! Great work Wendy!!

Kathy P. – August 2022

… the shared LOVE that you all continue to gift to all of us, what Artists and Art Lovers bring to the society, the Community and to the legacies in time, is precious and i am continued to be inspired by this gentle venue, thank you Wendy, you are the prow of a beautiful ship …

Karyna S. – April 2022

Wendy Rodrigue (The wife of the late George Rodrigue) graced our halls today and boy was it an adventure, in a good way!! My students were Enchanted with her stories of her late husband. They learned the fascinating history of how he began as an artist to the humble ending of his life. Thank you Wendy Rodrigue for inspiring my students.

Linda H. – February 2022