An epic American painting:
“Indians, Cajuns and Cowboys”
(1988) by George Rodrigue

George Rodrigue’s historical masterpiece, “Indians, Cajuns and Cowboys,” pays tribute to three specific yet distinct aspects of American culture. He anchors his composition with the oak tree, the limbs spreading like an eagle’s wings to include the various landscapes and peoples of the American West. Beneath the tree, the river stretches the width of theContinue reading “An epic American painting:
“Indians, Cajuns and Cowboys”
(1988) by George Rodrigue”

The Last Portraits

Oct 4, 2023: The story behind George Rodrigue’s powerful last self-portrait, titled RODRIGUE, and the companion portrait of his wife, Wendy. 2013, printed on Dibond aluminum. George Rodrigue: Painting for Myself continues through January 2, 2024 at the Museum of New Art in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. This exceptional collection of 50 Rodrigue artworks, including paintings,Continue reading “The Last Portraits”