Remembering George Rodrigue

It’s three years ago today, December 14, 2013, that we lost George Rodrigue.  I embrace, as I do every day, his beautiful light, shining now as bright as ever, through the legacy of art and philanthropy left to us by this beloved husband, father, and friend.

George is an example to others through his kindness and generosity, and through his unrelenting pursuit of his dreams.  He left a lasting gift to the world through his tangible expressions in paint, print, sculpture, and words of his luminous and unprecedented ideas.

“Great works of art take on a life of their own, long after the artist is gone.” -George Rodrigue

-a photograph taken by Wendy, December 2012, and filtered blue by George —-titled within his files, “Blue Christmas”-
-sharing George’s paintings and stories at the New Orleans Museum of Art, December 2016-

With blessings to you and yours during the holidays and always.  

And, direct from George, as he made me promise to write within every copy of The Other Side of the Painting:

“Enjoy Life!”