River Oaks Elementary School

Under the guidance of their teacher, Mrs. Jill Hodge, the fifth grade students at River Oaks Elementary School in Monroe, Louisiana studied George Rodrigue, and have outdone themselves with these paintings, by utilizing their personal creativity and imaginations. Wendy remembers her 2017 visit to River Oaks fondly, especially their art-filled cafeteria, creatively decorated with hand-paintedContinue reading “River Oaks Elementary School”

Bluewater Elementary

February 6, 2023: Niceville, Florida Thank you Bluewater Elementary for the warm welcome, and fantastic artwork. We loved every minute of our visit!

Blue Dog in Space

Filmed November 17, 2022: Enjoy a tour of out-of-this-world artworks by students from St. Martin School in Ocean Springs, Mississippi, as Wendy Rodrigue continues the Life & Legacy Tour inspired by the life and art of her late husband, George Rodrigue.

St. Martin Middle School

Take a tour with Wendy Rodrigue and art teacher Virginia McLoughlin of incredible original works of art inspired by George Rodrigue and painted Fall 2021 by students in Ocean Springs, Mississippi! Sound up! Wendy and the Life & Legacy Foundation look forward to spending more time at St. Martin in November 2023!

July Student Spotlight

It’s no secret that young people have the most inspirational ideas, and charming ways of presenting them. For students, the study of the arts helps to keep this creative way of thinking alive. George Rodrigue is a tremendously fun artist to study, and this shines through in this fantastic speech, and accompanying painting, chosen forContinue reading “July Student Spotlight”