Rodrigue’s Art of Compromise (or not)

Jul 7, 2023 WEST BATON ROUGE MUSEUM: An unlikely lesson late in life remains a ghost-like mystery within George Rodrigue’s loose and sketch-like acrylic landscapes of 2009.

Filmed within the exhibition, “George Rodrigue: The River is the Road,” at the West Baton Rouge Museum, with Wendy Rodrigue by Douglas Magnus.

Organized by the Life & Legacy Foundation, this exhibition continues through October 30, 2023.

Sponsored by Telich Custom Homes, Morgan Stanley, and the Louisiana Lottery.

Following the West Baton Rouge Museum, “The River is the Road: Paintings by George Rodrigue” travels to the Carnegie Visual Arts Center in Decatur, Alabama, the Masur Museum in Monroe, Louisiana, the Monthaven Arts and Cultural Center in Hendersonville, Tennessee, and the Alexandria Museum of Art in Alexandria, Louisiana. Learn More