Rodrigue Steinway Piano

Apr 28, 2023 NEW ORLEANS: The surprising story behind George Rodrigue’s breathtaking 2012 artwork, hand-painted over four months on a 1913 Steinway & Sons piano, with restoration by Hall Piano Company. Filmed by @douglasmagnus at the Sheraton New Orleans Hotel, 2023.

King George Rodrigue, History of Washington Mardi Gras at Capitol Park Museum

Posted Nov 19, 2022: Join Wendy Rodrigue for a tour of “Carnival in the Nation’s Capital: The Washington Mardi Gras Ball” currently on view at the Capitol Park Museum in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The exhibition includes unique artworks and personal items recalling artist George Rodrigue’s reign as King in 1994. 💙 Also on view, Rodrigue’sContinue reading “King George Rodrigue, History of Washington Mardi Gras at Capitol Park Museum”

Houmas House, Part 1: George Rodrigue’s “Tante ‘Gite’s Gumbo”

May 7, 2022: HOUMAS HOUSE AND GARDENS: Wendy Rodrigue shares her late husband’s iconic 1978 painting of his mother and aunt during a special Mother’s Day presentation in the “George Rodrigue Library” at Houmas House in Darrow, Louisiana. “I watched the Cajuns of my childhood assimilate into the American culture, unable to remain isolated inContinue reading “Houmas House, Part 1: George Rodrigue’s “Tante ‘Gite’s Gumbo””

He Stopped Loving Her Today

On the 8th anniversary of George Rodrigue’s death, his widow, Wendy, shares one of the artist’s last paintings. Filmed by Douglas Magnus. *note: each time Wendy mentions April or May 2012, she intends 2013.

Lucky Dog (Hot Dog Halo)

Wendy Rodrigue shares a George Rodrigue painting from her collection and a related story from “The Other Side of the Painting” (UL Press). Filmed by Douglas Magnus in Santa Fe, New Mexico, September 2021.

Dog in a Box, April 2020

Wendy Rodrigue shares a bit of history from the walls of her home, spotlighting George Rodrigue’s iconic painting, “Dog in a Box” (1989), combined with a short reading from her book, “The Other Side of the Painting” (UL Press), April 2020.