River Oaks Elementary School

Under the guidance of their teacher, Mrs. Jill Hodge, the fifth grade students at River Oaks Elementary School in Monroe, Louisiana studied George Rodrigue, and have outdone themselves with these paintings, by utilizing their personal creativity and imaginations. Wendy remembers her 2017 visit to River Oaks fondly, especially their art-filled cafeteria, creatively decorated with hand-paintedContinue reading “River Oaks Elementary School”

“Taking a Chance” by Rhiannon Cook

Rhiannon Cook (11th), Mixed media on cardboard, 2023 “Rhiannon Cook of Kenner Discovery turned her idea into reality, based on the relatable nature of Rodrigue’s history and challenges as an artist. I love her unique and brave interpretation. She owns her personal expression, 100%!” -Wendy Rodrigue Rhiannon is a student at Kenner Discovery in Metairie,Continue reading ““Taking a Chance” by Rhiannon Cook”

Am I Blue? Are You? Bruner Middle School

February 10, 2023: Filmed by Douglas Magnus The students of Bruner Middle School, in Fort Walton Beach, Florida, tapped into George Rodrigue and Life in their collaborative mural. They claimed the art as their own, with imaginative potential and creative realities. “There is a spiritual quality to blue,” said George, as I wrote his wordsContinue reading “Am I Blue? Are You? Bruner Middle School”

Student Spotlight: West DeFuniak Elementary

February 2022, DeFuniak Springs, Florida. Art teacher, Cassandra Benefield, completed this lesson with her 4th grade students prior to Wendy Rodrigue’s visit on February 14! We love the creativity of the sentences portrayed through their art! “I read ‘Why is Blue Dog Blue?’ by George (Rodrigue) to my students to start this lesson. They hadContinue reading “Student Spotlight: West DeFuniak Elementary”