Spotlight on Sandra

Two years after opening The Rodrigue Gallery of New Orleans, George Rodrigue followed in 1991 with Galerie Blue Dog in Carmel, California.* That first summer, as he installed his paintings and established himself in the tiny seaside community, a southern gal walked in smiling and reminded him, “Don’t you remember me? We met years agoContinue reading “Spotlight on Sandra”

Blue Dog Relief

As I’ve mentioned before, it was many months before George Rodrigue returned to his easel following Hurricane Katrina, and when he did, the paintings were dark and fragmented, far different from the bright colors and strong designs normally associated with the Blue Dog Series. Not only was he without a studio space to work, butContinue reading “Blue Dog Relief”

We Will Rise Again

Following Hurricane Katrina in 2005, like everyone on the Gulf Coast, our lives were in turmoil. In addition to the logistics of basic needs such as shelter, phone service and, most important, tracking down friends and loved ones, there was a business and a staff, several of whom lost everything they owned, to consider. AlthoughContinue reading “We Will Rise Again”

A Sentimental Mood (in New Orleans)

After six weeks on the road, we are back in New Orleans for a few days before returning to California until the fall. Although a whirlwind visit, I settle in with that same feeling I get when meeting up with an old friend after years apart, picking up where we left off with the comfortContinue reading “A Sentimental Mood (in New Orleans)”

A Flurry of Activity

…a sneak-peek at new projects The woodpeckers are crazy today, flying into the windows, boring holes into the house, and twirling together as though spring, and not a cold and foggy Carmel summer, is in the air. As I watch twenty or so, doing everything at once, barely pausing for rest in the oak treeContinue reading “A Flurry of Activity”

There is No Bacon in Space (Having Fun Discussing Art)

For several years I hosted an art discussion group in the Rodrigue Gallery of New Orleans. Composed of gallery staff and the occasional friend or family member, we spent a few hours once each month covering everything from the latest show at MOMA to the current buzz on Julia Street. We related at least oneContinue reading “There is No Bacon in Space (Having Fun Discussing Art)”

Color Me Happy (At the Easel)

I spent this week watching George Rodrigue at his easel. Although I’ve seen him paint hundreds of canvases over the years, the process still amazes me, as he takes a blank canvas and turns it into something else. The subject is not a still-life he interprets or a posed model; rather, he invents something fromContinue reading “Color Me Happy (At the Easel)”

The American Blue Dog

If you follow this blog, you have a good understanding of the Blue Dog’s history (and if you don’t, check out the links under ‘Popular Musings’ to the right of this post). From the loup-garou to Tiffany to Blue Dog Man and the Abstract, the image has developed in style and meaning along with GeorgeContinue reading “The American Blue Dog”

The American Cajun

For many years the Cajun’s identity was an ambivalent one. As recently as the 1970s, the label ‘Cajun’ was considered by many to be an insult. George Rodrigue’s own mother, in fact, was quick to point out her distaste for this aspect of George’s work, a twenty-five year dedication on his part: “You’re French! WhyContinue reading “The American Cajun”